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We're so excited to have been asked to paint a 50’ x 14’ mural on Charlotte Ave as a part of the Off The Wall Nashville Project. Off The Wall is a 1,000-foot wall that will be covered with large murals to bring life to the Charlotte corridor.

Why This Project?

Arts programming provides opportunities to build community, develop skills, and increase self-confidence for participants -- which I believe is the most critical aspect of arts programming. Urban art is one of the most powerful tools a community has to bring about positive change. It opens the door to a more connected, engaged and unified community -- bridging culture with expression.

Who's Involved?

We're working with 16 local artists, each of whom are active participants in local arts programming  through the Nashville Parks Center, Poverty and the Arts, Room in the Inn, and the Oasis Center. Journalist and creative scene heavy-hitter Lily Hansen will interview artists and organizations throughout the process, pairing their stories with photographs into a shareable storybook of powerful stories of how these artists, programs and organizations promote positive change in the communities around them.

What's The Timeline?

We've already started working with the artists on their individual pieces, and prep and painting of the wall will run through March and April. In May, the artist pieces will be bolted to the cement wall, and we'll call it a wrap! We are actively fundraising now, so please visit our GoFundMe page to help us carry this project through the finish line.

How Can I Get Involved?

Thank you for asking! There are two major ways you can help out.

1. Donate via our GoFundMe page -- you'll receive a physical, coffee table-version of the storybook if you donate $75 or more!

2. Show up to help us paint on March 18 from 10a-3p at 28th Ave and Charlotte. DONE -- Thanks for coming out to paint!