Get Cultured

At our core, WHAT. Creative Group believes that all forms of art are crucial to establishing a thriving community. Our city's art programs are the backbone of Nashville. Supporting these programs fill our neighborhoods with culinary arts, music, and visual arts -- making it a desirable place to visit and live. One of our favorite arts programs for youth is Southern Word, a non-profit spoken word program, that delivers incredible mentoring and coaching to students throughout Middle Tennessee. Their programs give students confidence and teach them how to speak and present articulately and in a compelling way. They give us shivers every time.

We hosted a friendraiser for the organization in July 2016, on the rooftop of Germantown's Broadstone apartments. The inside/outside venue looks over the downtown skyline, providing a striking backdrop to showcase four local visual artists, while Southern Word artists performed. Our event, Get Cultured, attracted over 200 people, raised $3,500 in just two hours, and highlighted Nina Donovan's  "Nasty Girl" poem, which was later made notorious by Ashley Judd at this years women's march.